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Crusher Extreme Sport 17.5T Combo [Factory-Rebuilt]




This is a Factory-Rebuilt, Novak Guaranteed Crusher Extreme Sport 17.5T BL Combo

Novak’s Crusher Extreme Sport Brushless System includes Novak’s pure sensor-based Crusher ESC and Novak’s Ballistic Spec 17.5T brushless motor. This system can accommodate 2S, 3S and even 4S LiPo battery packs. The versatile Crusher Brushless ESC is ready to take on a wide range of applications, from 4x4 monster trucks to the voltage-hungry speed run fanatics. With features like auto-detect LiPo cutoff, ESC thermal protection, factory-wired with 14 gauge power wires, complete onboard programming, rebuildable/upgradable motor and more, the Crusher Extreme Sport System is a great blend of performance and easy-to-use features that is ready to power your project today.


  • Extreme performance sensor-based combo for 2S, 3S and 4S monster trucks, short course, or any 1/10-scale on-road or off-road setups
  • Durable ESC design with sealed case, cooling fan and replaceable wire
  • Complete onboard programming for easy one-touch customization
  • Novak RPM Boost Timing™—Dynamic Timing Advance for increased RPM
  • Heavy-duty built-in 5A BEC
  • Novak X-Drive™ firmware for unmatched throttle response and control
  • Thermal ovverload protection
  • Completely rebuildable/upgradable sensored brushless motor (ROAR approved)
Each Novak Factory-Rebuilt ESC is thoroughly cleaned, passes the same tests as Novak's new product, and includes a new 120-day warranty. Each ESC has a new case and label so it looks brand new. Because it has been previously used, many of our customers think that our rebuilt products are "better than new". Why buy a used ESC from another racer when you can buy this item direct from Novak with a full factory warranty? 


Crusher ESC
Motor Type Sensored Brushless
Fwd/Brk/Rev Forward / Brake / Reverse
(Forward/Drag Brake/Reverse when used with a Novak crawling motor)
Input Cells (LiPo/Ni-MH) 2-4S LiPo cells/4-14 NiMH (Lipo recommended for performance setups and when using RPM Boost Timing)
Size (in/mm) 1.16” x 1.47” x 0.96" (29.5 x 37.3 x 24.4 mm)
Weight (oz/g) 1.42 oz. (40.4 g)
On-Resistance (ohms) 0.00040 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp. (brushless)
Motor Limit

Brushless 2S: 6.5-turn 540-size (13.5T Crawler); 4.5T 550-size
Brushless 3S: 13.5-turn 540-size (13.5T Crawler); 6.5T 550-size
Brushless 4S: 13.5-turn 540-size (13.5T Crawler); 7.5T 550-size

BEC (volts / amps) 6.0 volts DC / 5.0 amps
Wire Size (GA) 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
Ballistic Spec 17.5T

Motor Size (540) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm)
Motor Weight 6.6oz. (187g)
Shaft Diameter (inches) 0.125
Kv (Unloaded) 2,200 RPM/volt
Watts 130
Magnetic Material Sintered Neodymium
Design Sensored
Stator Insert Color Yellow (ROAR Approved Motor)

Replacement / Optional Parts
icon checkmark #5315 or #5320 Plug-In Input Signal Harness (JST-JST) (optional/replacement)
icon checkmark #5332 Brushless Motor Connector Wire Set – 14GA (optional)
icon checkmark #5333 Novak XT60 Competition Grade Power Plug Kit (optional)
icon checkmark #5463 3-Amp High-Voltage Universal BEC (recommended for 3S/4S setups with high-current servos)
icon checkmark #5465 5-Amp Universal BEC (recommended for 2S setups with high-current servos)
icon checkmark #5508 14GA Brushless Motor & Battery Wire Set – 10 pieces (replacement)
icon checkmark #5512 12GA Silicone Power Wire Set: 3 feet Black, Red, and Blue (optional)
icon checkmark #5600 ESC Switch Harness (replacement)
icon checkmark #5626 Glitch Buster Capacitor (optional)
icon checkmark #5647 or #5651 Black Cooling Fans 25x25x10mm – JST Plug (replacement)
icon checkmark #5731 3.5mm Low-Loss Power Connector – 5 pairs (optional)
icon checkmark #5351-#5353 Brushless Shielded Sensor Harness – 4" 6" & 9" (replacement/optional)
icon checkmark #5925 Ballistic 540 Vented Endbell/Bearing Racing Upgrade Kit (optional)
icon checkmark #5940 Ballistic Front End Bell and Bearings – 1/8" (replacement)
icon checkmark #5941 Ballistic Sintered Rotor – 12.3mm (replacement)
icon checkmark #5954 SmCo Tuning Rotor – 12.3mm (optional)
icon checkmark #5955 High-Torque Tuning Rotor – 12.5mm (optional)
icon checkmark #S5420-#S5424 Brushless Motor Sleeves (replacement/optional)
icon checkmark #S5932 Ballistic Motor Hardware Kit (replacement)
icon checkmark #S5942 Ballistic Timing/Sensor Assembly (replacement)
icon checkmark #S5944 Ballistic Back End Bell (replacement)
icon checkmark #S5943 Ballistic Bearing Cap with Rear Bearing (replacement)
icon checkmark #S5946 Ballistic Ceramic Ball Bearing & Bearing Cap (optional)

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